Since 2020, Aeliz Group Pty Ltd. has been a specialist Education Consultancy established in Australia, with operations in Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam. Our goal is to give students appropriate assistance and counselling so that they may become successful worldwide graduates.

We help students design their road to success by learning about their objectives, beliefs, and aptitude. As a result, we walk our students through every step of achieving their objectives and assisting them in reaching their intended study destination. Since our start, we have helped students realise their ambition of studying in Australia. We continually endeavour to give our clients high-quality customer service and help them reach their goals in any way we can.


How We Provide Value: (Stakeholders- Students)
Aeliz Group Pty Ltd. links students and academic establishments by delivering onshore and off-shore higher education options. We collaborate with Parish Patience Immigration Attorneys, our migration solutions partner, to provide our students with an all-inclusive advisory service and tailor-made higher education options, providing them with an advantage for their future routes. Via our free consultation service, we have a committed and highly qualified staff leading you in the proper route. Course selection is one of the most important decisions that students make. We assist students in determining the appropriate course option based on personal preferences and interests by using personal interaction methods and aptitude testing. We focus on understanding the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations to recommend a course of study that meets their needs. We use a variety of tools to evaluate the student’s aptitude and interests, such as aptitude tests, personality tests, and career assessments. We also discuss the various options that are available to the student, as well as the relative benefits of each option. We provide the student with resources and guidance to make an informed decision regarding their course of study.

How We Provide Value: (Stakeholders- Universities)
Aeliz Group Pty Ltd. has long-standing partnerships with all of its Higher Education partners, allowing us to provide students with several scholarship options from the universities. We  carefully examine students’ academic qualifications and speak with them in person to determine their credibility, preferences, and areas of interest before recommending the course, institute, and destination that best matches your temperament and aspirations. We strive to provide the best quality of service to our students and our partners by following our core values of: Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Quality and Commitment. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about supporting our students and our partners, providing them with the best solutions and advice. At Aeliz Group Pty Ltd. we  believe in providing a quality service that is tailored to our students’ individual needs and goals. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our students are provided with the best options for their higher education journey. We are committed to providing our students with the best advice and solutions for their academic and professional aspirations.


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Dr Tanvir is an experienced marketing lecturer and convenor who has 12 years of senior marketing industry experience having held numerous Marketing Director and General Manager roles across multiple leading organisations and industries. Tanvir has consulted one of the fortune 500 companies and achieved some outstanding results for his clients. Academically, he completed his PhD at La Trobe University and subsequently lecturing numerous subjects at University of Melbourne, Monash
University and La Trobe University. Dr Tanvir is passionate about teaching and strives to help his students become successful in their chosen fields. He believes in providing a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles and encourages his students to think critically, think creatively, and make informed decisions. He has significant experience in developing and implementing innovative digital marketing strategies, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and driving sales growth.

Dr. Tanvir Ahmed


Mr Motasim Billah is a shareholder and director of Australia’s one of the largest Immigration Law Firm, Parish Patience Immigration Lawyers that serves the domestic
and international community since 1888. His affiliation in the area of immigration law for over seventeen years, representing clients in all areas of student visas and immigration law, including citizenship, permanent residency, family visas and employment visas. His law firm has successfully represented many clients in complex cases, resulting in successful outcomes. He is passionate about helping future students realize their dreams of furthering their education abroad. With immense experience in the field, Motasim is well-versed in all aspects of the student visa process – from paperwork to interviews – and has helped countless students secure visas for study in countries worldwide. He is a detail stickler and ensures everything is in order before applying. His clients often comment on his attentive listening skills, ability to explain complex legal matters in plain language, and unwavering dedication to their cause.

Mr Motasim Billah


Dr Andrew has extensive experience in universities strategic planning, curriculum design and development, training, program management, and educational technology. He has an extensive knowledge of educational best practices and trends, as well as program evaluation and assessment. He has a strong background in teaching and training, as well as a deep understanding of the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. He is an accomplished presenter, facilitator, and communicator. He is highly organized and adept at managing multiple projects at a time. In addition, he has experience with budgeting, grant writing, and fundraising.

Dr Andrew Gilmore


Ms. Elaine has experience in a range of educational positions, including teaching, developing curricula, and administration. She is quite knowledgeable about educational trends, standards, and best practises. She has a solid experience in assessment and instructional design and has effectively adopted cutting-edge learning strategies to enhance student results. She has a wealth of expertise developing professional development programmes and giving advice to administrators and school systems. Her knowledge of data-driven decision-making and educational technology has allowed her to create successful plans to raise student performance and engagement.

Ms Elaine Plant


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